Impressive insights into the CIMR Mission

The European Space Agency – ESA #CIMR project team has recently unveiled an engaging video providing insights into the #CIMR mission, led by Thales Alenia Space Italy. The content is truly impressive, thanks to the #CIMR team, highlighting both the challenges and uniqueness of the mission. The innovative efforts of #LSS GmbH and the entire consortium is well demonstrated. The LSS Large Deployable Reflector (#LDR), featured in the video, represents a significant leap forward in technology.

This is an ideal time to join LSS and contribute to this exciting project, actively participating in the groundbreaking development of LDR technology in Europe. If you’re ready for a rewarding challenge join our team!

In a thrilling development, production is currently underway for an 8-meter diameter EQM LDR! Join us on this journey of innovation and exploration.