Company History

LSS was founded in December 2012 as a spin-out from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany. As any new start up we started small, our projects focused on the proof-of-concept or demonstrator style models, however over the past decade we have built this knowledge year on year to get to where we are today. Our team at the time was small which included our current CEO and CTO.

Our first successful project was SCALABLE, a European Space Agency funded project. This was a 5m deployable double-pantograph ring which supported a cable network reflecting surface. This project was the one that laid the foundation to where we are today. A further eleven projects over the decade, each for reflector technology ranging in scale from 1m to 12m in size, would lead us to where we find ourselves where we find ourselves in 2024.

Today we are a large but family-like team of over 40 individuals from 18 different nationalities working tirelessly towards a united cause.

Working experience with the European Space Agency and European industrial partners in different projects is a valuable asset of our staff in developing large deployable reflector technologies in cooperation with other European companies primarily for the European market needs.