FlexRS® Product Range


FlexRS® Category I surfaces are very thin and flexible shell structures, which show aspects of membrane as well as shell behavior. They are therefore called Shell Membranes.

  • Tailorable material properties
  • Used in combination with supporting structures
  • Applicable frequencies: up to Ka-band
  • Functionalization possibility (e.g. RF-active coatings, coloring)
SCALABLE - deployed

Category II surfaces are based on pre-stressed metal meshes, which are typically supported by a cable network or ribs for providing the reflector’s contour.

  • Applicable frequencies: currently up to Ku-band
  • Grating Lobe Reduction possibility
  • Shaping of category II surfaces in development

Category III surfaces are flexible shells with increased stiffness compared to Category I surfaces, while maintaining high deformability and foldability. These surfaces can fully deploy and maintain their shape under microgravity conditions. This enables the creation of deployable reflectors with greatly reduced need for support structures.

  • Applicable frequencies: up to Ka-band