Our strategy

  • Developing a partnering relationship and securing access to sovereign capabilities for Europe.
  • Promoting programme cooperation and industrial consolidation in Europe.
  • Continuing development of a competitive and high performance offering across all deployable reflector and deployable reflector systems domains.
  • Delivering operational excellence and maintaining industry leadership.

Our vision

  • To be a European large deployable reflector technology champion and a Global player.

Our mission

To operate as a trusted part of the space community in Europe; providing decisive space related technological capabilities to further strengthen the European market and enable strategic independence for Europe.

Our values


  • Ensuring operational and strategic advantage.


  • Always delivering on our promise.


  • A reliable and trusted partner with the highest professional and ethical standards.


  • Applying all our energy and focus to every task, recognising our role in leading the way for the European market.

Team Spirit

  • Harnessing our diversity and collective purpose to deliver competitive advantage to all of our stakeholders.