LSS offers deployable antenna reflectors with aperture diameters ranging from 0.5 m to 35 m and above, using different concepts for the deployable backing structure such as umbrella and peripheral ring architectures. The deployable reflectors can be fitted with a broad range of reflecting surface materials / concepts from the FlexRS® technology and can be used for frequencies up to Ka-band, depending on the category. The following categories are available:

  • Small Deployable Reflectors: 0.5 m – 4.0 m
  • Medium Deployable Reflectors: 4.0 m – 8.0 m
  • Large Deployable Reflectors: 8.0 m – 18.0 m
  • Very Large Deployable Reflectors: 18.0 m – 35.0 m

Shaped deployable reflectors are in active development. They combine the advantages of mesh-based deployable reflectors with the capabilities of radiation pattern contouring.

LSS and Thales Alenia Space are working on in-orbit reconfigurable antenna reflectors. LSS supplies the reconfigurable reflecting surface including the interfaces to the actuators. The reconfigurable surface material (FlexRS® Category III) is suitable for frequencies up to Ka-band and can be tailored to provide the desired mechanical properties according to the requirements of the customer.