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The staff members of LSS have a wide range of experience in mechanical / structural engineering, lightweight structures and space materials and structures. More Information can be found on these pages.

  • Deployment of Reflector 1
  • Deployment of Reflector 2
  • Deployment of Reflector 3
  • Deployment of Reflector 4
  • Deployment of Reflector 5
  • Deployment of Reflector 6
  • Deployment of Reflector 7

Deployment of a 6m diameter space reflector demonstrator developed under the ESA/TUM project

Images by ESA at ESTEC during the Large Deployable Antenna workshop in October, 2012 


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LSS has been awarded the EC project LEA (Large European Antenna) in a consortium of 16 European companies from 6 nations led by HPS. The project aims towards European non-dependence in large deployable reflectors. The consortium will develop a flight-ready 6m deployable reflector antenna, ready for launch from 2021. More details of this for future telecommunication, science missions and Earth observation important project can be found in the press release.


LSS completed manufacturing and assembly of the 5 m deployable mesh reflector demonstrator (ESA project SCALABLE) 

LSS 5 m Deployable C-bad reflector


LSS started a new ESA project "Advanced techniques for mesh reflector with improved radiation pattern performance" (AMPER) as a prime contractor, subcontracting to TICRA, Danemark and Space Engineering, Italy


LSS has successfully finished work on shape accuracy improvements on the "Ultra-Rapid Deployable Antenna". Consequently, RF measurements performed by HPS GmbH returned very good results.

LSS started working on shape accuracy improvment of the lightweight backpack deployable antenna in the scope of the ESA project "Ultra-Rapid Deployable Antenna" contracting HPS GmbH, Germany

LSS started a new ESA project on large aperture antennas and associated reflector requirements contracting Space Engineering, Italy

LSS is part of the organization committee of the international scientific conference on Advanced Lightweight Structures and Reflector Antennas to be held in Tbilisi, Georgia in October 1 - 3, 2014


LSS received a new ESA project on "Innovative Scalable Large Deployable Antenna Reflectors" contracting HPS GmbH, Germany