Master Thesis

MSc Thesis

The history of LSS is such that we have a strong connection to the academic sector, the company itself was a spinout from a university. We therefore wish to maintain this collaborative relationship with the academic sector, and in doing so nurturing the next generation of engineers within the space industry.

We have traditionally supported a range of MSc and PhD projects and are keen to maintain this support.

The types of projects we support are varied but will focus entirely on the development of large deployable reflector technologies. The types of projects we support are largely categorised as one of the following:

  • Design & Analysis
  • System Engineering
  • Mechanical and/or Thermal Testing
  • Project Management


The responsibilities will vary depending on the type of project, the requirements of the university and the interests of the student.

Your Profile

With a wide range of opportunities available at LSS the types of people we are interested in is equally wide, but a few common traits amongst all of our employees, and therefore what we expect from an MSc students:

  • Undergraduate degree (bachelors or equivalent) in engineering (mechanical, aerospace, materials or equivalent).
  • Highly motivated individual that shows a genuine curiosity in learning and developing.
  • Passionate about the industry or role within the organisation.
  • Already pursuing a masters degree in the relevant field of work (i.e. engineering, physics, or equivalent).

Your Benefits:

  • Flexible working hours with a core time
  • A relaxed working environment with a flat hierarchy combined with a motivated and open team
  • Casual dress code
  • Coffee, milk and fruits are provided
  • Scope for individual development and growth in a growing multicultural team of discipline experts
  • A challenging, fast-paced position at the forefront of space technology


    * Areas of interest:

    * required field