Our vast experience in structural design of deployable reflectors and all of its components allows quick design processes with few iterations. We use a combination of CAD and FEM to quickly converge on our designs.

LSS provides structural analysis services, including:

  • Stiffness evaluation
  • Buckling and strength
  • Nonlinearities including
    • materials
    • contacts
    • geometric
  • Eigendynamics (modal analyses)
  • Thermo-elastics
  • Model order reduction (state space representation)
  • Transient analyses
  • Highly dynamic analyses (explicit time integration)

LSS uses highly parameterized FEM models for structural analysis and concept design. Nearly all processes during the analysis are automated and scripted in various languages (APDL, Python, Matlab). This allows the flexible implementation of:

  • Parametric Studies
  • Design Optimization